The Sun is Kind of a Big Deal

Oh hey! Guess what? Did you know that the Sun never stops working to keep things here on Earth working smoothly? In fact, the Sun is really kind of a big deal. It does so much we couldn’t stay alive without it. It keeps us warm, creates Earth’s day and night, and stops our solar system from coming apart! Get the lowdown in this quirky fact book, full of colour artwork by New York Times bestselling author Nick Seluk. Why is the Sun the centre of attention? Because it’s a star! That’s why!

  • A quirky comic-style look at the science of our sun
  • Science made hugely appealing in cute colour art
  • Includes a bright pull-out poster of the solar system
  • Explains the water cycle, photosynthesis and more
  • Ends with a glossary and ‘did you know?’ section

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