The Thirteenth Home of Noah Bradley

Being homeless is no fun. Just ask Noah Bradley. A curse has forced his family to move thirteen times. Once it was a flash flood. Another time, a typhoon wrecked their home. Once a flock of angry birds even chased them out of town. The family curse strikes in lots of different ways. But, somehow, it always does. Now they’ve just moved to their thirteenth home. Noah is desperate for this one to work out. He’s made good friends at school, and his deaf brother Billy is also putting down roots. So when the curse returns, Noah decides there will be no more running away. Enough! This time, they’re staying put…

  • Exciting contemporary fiction with a vivid magical twist
  • A tale of hope, daring and finding your place in the world
  • Explores big themes in a voice full of charm and character
  • Perfect for fans of Katherine Rundell and Lisa Thompson
  • By the acclaimed author of Lightning Chase Me Home

“Amber Lee Dodd writes with tenderness and thunder, and her storytelling is a bolt of brilliance.” Kiran Millwood Hargrave

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