The True Colours of Coral Glen

Coral sees the world through a rainbow of colours that nobody else can see. A day full of adventure might be Treasure Island Gold, but one with a maths test is Stormy Canyon Grey. She has colours for joy, and colours for boredom, and colours for birthdays. But when her beloved grandma dies, Coral can’t conjure up any colour that reflects how heartbroken she is. To find it, she sets off on a spooky adventure amid the creepy things that lurk at the edges of her not-so-ordinary town. There’s a ghost boy, and an evil spirit, and witches casting magical spells. But is there a colour that’s just right for saying goodbye?

  • A race-against-time treasure hunt with a gothic twist
  • Explores grief and loss in a vivid and original way
  • For fans of Neil Gaiman and A Place Called Perfect
  • Juliette Forrest won huge acclaim for her debut Twister

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