The Weird World of William Shakespeare

A barmy biography of the Bard from the home of Horribly Famous. Jokes, cartoons and freaky facts that nobody else will tell you! You’ve probably heard of William Shakespeare. He is dead famous for: writing a few plays, having a bit of a way with words, and creating characters like romantic Romeo and murderous Macbeth. But did you know that our Will did a seven-year vanishing act, nearly had his head chopped off by the Queen and nicked an entire theatre? Not bad, huh? And his plays are pretty good too!

  • A hilariously witty look at Shakespeare’s life and work
  • Written in the style of the popular Horribly Famous books
  • Jam-packed with funny facts and laugh-out-loud pictures
  • Supports the curriculum and puts the fun into history

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  • Interesting, loved reading it.

    9 March 2014

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    Hmm interesting

    6 March 2014

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    A very interesting take on shakespeare

    5 March 2014

  • Great. I loved this book

    4 March 2014

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  • Andrew Donkin

    Andrew Donkin has written Roald Dahl and Shakespeare in the Dead Famous series. He lives in London.

  • Awards

    Winner of the Stockport Schools Book Award for Fintan Fedora.

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