The Witch of Turlingham Academy: Secrets and Sorcery

Katy and Sophie look like normal girls. They go to a normal school and have normal friends. But they have a surprising secret… Sophie is a witch and Katy is a witch-hunter! This unlikely pair are the best of friends, even though they should be mortal enemies. But it’s not long before magic gets in their way yet again. Katy can’t let her parents find out Sophie’s true identity; if they knew she was the daughter of a famous witch, they’d demagick her for sure! And neither girl can afford to let their classmates find out about their secret lives. So when a school trip threatens to blow their cover, it’s crisis time! Can the girls make it back to the Academy with their sorcery still under wraps?

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  • These books are AMAZING!!! Definitely worth a look!

    11 April 2014

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    8 March 2014

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    Love stories about friendship.

    8 March 2014

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