The Words That Fly Between Us

From the outside, Lucy seems to have a charmed life. She has everything money can buy. But money can’t buy Lucy the words she needs to stand up to her tyrannical father. Or the strength to escape her suffocating home life. Then Lucy finds an escape route. The attic. It’s her refuge and her escape: a tunnel into other lives. Because, as she hides out there, she realises that it connects to every other attic on her street. Soon Lucy is listening in on the secret lives of her neighbours. Guess what? She’s not the only one suffering in silence. How much is enough? Is she strong enough to climb down and face her fears?

  • A touching, beautiful story of strength and self-discovery
  • By rising star Sarah Carroll, who wrote The Girl in Between
  • Realistic contemporary fiction with a pitch-perfect voice
  • Important themes of family life and dealing with bullying

“A wonderful, thought-provoking family drama about finding the power to stand up for yourself.” Katherine Webber

“Written with a startling observance and bright-hearted clarity, this quietly uplifting book depicts the unspoken tensions, and fears in Lucy’s seemingly perfect, affluent home.” Cerrie Burnell​

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