The Year We Fell from Space

Like a dying star, Liberty’s family is imploding. Can she hold Mum and Dad together, before they spin out of reach? When Liberty’s parents separate, she doesn’t know what to do. She feels she’s on a different planet, and gravity is collapsing around her. Her family members have always been her universe, the planets in her own solar system. But now it’s all going wrong. Her dad is drifting away and keeping secrets. Her mum is standing still while everything else hurtles past. As for her sister, she’s in a galaxy all of her own. Can Liberty map out a new life for them all – or have they been flung too far apart?

  • A powerful story of family, love and hope when the world is spinning
  • For fans of Lisa Thompson, Christopher Edge and Onjali Q Rauf
  • Explores family breakup and mental health in a vivid, original voice
  • Amy Sarig King is the acclaimed author of Me and Marvin Garden
  • She has published several award-winning YA novels as A.S. King

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