Thea Stilton: The Dance of the Star Fairies (Special Edition)

A very special bumper hardback full of magic and stardust! Disaster has struck in the Kingdom of Starlight. All of the stars in its sky have started losing their shine. Now the sky is about to go dark! And when the Thea Sisters hear about it, they know they have to help. So the mouselets head to Brightstar Castle on a magical mission to bring the stardust back to the kingdom. Can they light up the sky again, or will the stars burn out? And will they really get to meet a fairy?

  • A fabulous special edition for this best-loved series
  • Over 300 illustrated pages full of magic and mystery
  • Hardback packed with beautiful full-colour pictures
  • Fun design with highlighted words to boost vocabulary
  • Follow the interactive clues to help solve the mystery!

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