There's a Troll on My Toilet

There’s a witch in the kitchen, boiling a brew. Oh – and hold your nose! There’s a troll on the loo! There’s a ghost on the stairs, and a werewolf in the shower. He’s howling at the moon, and he’s been in there an hour! What’s going on in this house of spooky critters? Is it enough to give you the jitters? Well – there’s a party, and you’re invited too. Just keep clear of that troll. He’s doing a huge poo!

  • A hilariously spooky rhyme – just right for Halloween
  • Includes a FREE wand for kids to cast their own spells
  • For fans of Spider Sandwiches and Aliens Love Underpants
  • Set in a haunted house that children will love exploring
  • Jaunty rhymes, spooky mayhem and lots of yucky bits!

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