Thimble Holiday Havoc

If you think living with a brother or a sister or even your parents is a headache, try living with Thimble the monkey! He’s small. He’s smart. He’s naughty. He’s a laugh a minute (this book is the proof). But he’s also a magnet for massive trouble! Jams lives with his mum, his dad and his best friend Thimble. He’s used to Thimble’s naughty antics. Just don’t tell Dad what he did with the superglue! Now Mum has organised a holiday house-swap in France. Jams has one job: to remember the right house number. But when they enter the borrowed house and find a speedboat, a drill and a makeshift burglar outfit, what will happen next? Just ask Thimble…

  • The second hilarious story about Thimble the monkey
  • The first book was shortlisted for the Lollies Awards
  • Brilliantly funny writing full of verve and imagination
  • Wittily illustrated and perfect for confident readers

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  • Martin Chatterton

    Martin Chatterton is a well-known children’s author and illustrator. He has illusrated more than seventy books and worked with many respected children’s authors such as Roger McGough and Alexander McCall Smtih. He has a great sense of humour and in Bad Dog has created a hugely appealing character with lots of attitude.

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