Tiddlers Early Readers Pack x 3

Calling all tiddlers! Make a BIG splash with your reading! This charming series will help you dive into a world of books. The lovely Tiddlers scheme brings you lively and magical stories, all with simple graded text using no more than 50 words per book. Just for starters, all the stories are designed to help you love reading. But there’s also lots of support to build up your literacy skills. A word list at the start of each story lets you check out the words you’ll need to know, and there’s also a puzzle at the end. Make sure your reading goes swimmingly!

  • Delightful read-alone books for emergent readers
  • Each story has a word count of 50 words or less
  • Word lists and puzzles to check comprehension
  • Gentle support plus a focus on reading for fun

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