Tilly's Moonlight Fox

The fox called again. Its eerie cry echoed into the night. The sound wove in and out of the night garden, and into Tilly’s dreams.

One night, awoken by a strange noise, Tilly looks out of her bedroom window and sees a wild fox watching her from the lawn. Tilly follows it through a hidden gate and is amazed to discover a secret moonlit garden. When she returns the following night, a young girl called Helen is waiting for her there. Tilly is delighted to have found a new friend. But is Helen real… or could she be a ghost? A spellbinding story written in the classic tradition of Tom’s Midnight Garden.

“Julia Green is a writer to watch.” David Almond

“There is just something about Green’s writing that makes you completely fall in love with her books.” The Sweet Bonjour

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  • I read this book its asweet book for anyone who enjoys reading about animals or about friendship

    5 March 2013

  • I loved this book because it was magical and full of mysteries. I read this book easily and recommend it to girls aged 7-10. Tilly moves to an old fashioned house, away from her best friend, and starts a new school and makes a new friend called Helen. This story is about a fox which has cubs that has to be moved from their birth place because of the magic garden, next to Tilly’s new house, is going to be cut down.

    Kloe, age 10

    I like the charactars in this story but I like the fox best because it has its own way of doing things. The characters made me laugh and cry. This book is best for people who are interested in nature. The thing that made this book special is the girl who does what she thinks is best for everyone. I did like this book but I’m not really into nature.

    Jessica, aged 9

    17 April 2012

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