Tinga Tinga Tales: Little Library

Tinga Tinga is a land full of stories and surprises! Get more of both in four boxed mini stories that take you from sunrise to sunset! In Tinga Tinga, there are good animals and bad animals, grumpy animals and patient animals, water animals and land animals, loud animals and shy animals. And you may think you know why Elephant has a long trunk, or why Tortoise has a broken shell – but the real reason is a whole other story! So join all the jungle animals as they wake up, have dinner, shelter from the sun at noon, and go to sleep when night falls. A gorgeous box of storytelling fun from the brand new pre-school series based on traditional African folk tales of how the animals came to be.

Box contains four stories: When the Sun Comes Up in Tinga Tinga; When it’s Time to Eat in Tinga Tinga; When it’s Very Hot in Tinga Tinga and When Night Falls in Tinga Tinga.

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