Tom Gates #5: Tom Gates is Absolutely Fantastic (at some things)

Now in with new colour-in spines! Exciting news is afoot at Oakfield School! Mr Fullerman has announced that Class 5F are going on an ‘Activity Break’. With all sorts of chaos on the cards, it should be BIG fun – as long as Tom doesn’t have to dorm with measly Marcus Meldrew! Delia is already threatening to wreck Tom’s room while he’s away and paint it in silly colours. But he’s hoping to return to a nicer surprise – the new pet that Mum and Dad are talking about. Will Tom finally get the pet he’s always longed for? Come along for the ride on Class 5F’s school trip in a bonkers book of jokes, doodles and drawings. Hey, who says books have to be boring?


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    Great book, I always look at the Tom Gates books in my school library. (They’re absolutely fantastic)

    5 May 2022

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    Liz Pichon

    Liz Pichon’s brilliant Tom Gates series has sold well over 2 million copies, and has picked up oodles of top awards. We love it!


    Liz has picked up oodles of awards for Tom Gates titles, including the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, Red House Book Award, Waterstones Children’s Book Prize and the Blue Peter Book Award. Her picture books have also received acclaim: she won the Nestle Smarties Award for My Big Brother Boris the Bishops Stortford Picture Book Award for Dave.

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