Totally: Triffic Chocolate

The amazing history of the beautiful bean, from the Aztecs to Aero! The Aztecs sacrificed humans to their chocolate gods, and historical villains used it to poison people. Luckily, all you have to do is eat it! With all the fruity and nutty bits, this is a tasty treat for every chocolate fiend.

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    Brilliant book which gives a lot of background knowledge on chocolate and is genuinely really funny! After you finish, you’ll be craving more…and a big slab of chocolate, too!

    8 March 2014

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  • Alan MacDonald

    Alan MacDonald lives in Nottingham. He writes both non-fiction and fiction as well as writing for radio and TV. He has a particularly good track record for writing page-turning and accessible historical books.


    Alan MacDonald won the Nottingham Children’s Book Award for The Great Brain Robbery in 2004.

  • Awards

    Winner of the Stockport Schools Book Award for Fintan Fedora.

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