Undead Ed and the Demon Freakshow

As if being a zombie wasn’t bad enough, now Ed’s being hunted by a demented clown, an evil midget and a girl with a sewn-up eye! You’d think he wouldn’t have much to worry about, being damned to start with. But Ed is beginning to learn that there are much worse things than the flames of hell… Brace yourself for a terrifying circus of infernal laughter in this demonically funny second Undead Ed adventure!

Praise for the series:

“Gruesome, full of body bits, and very funny!” Reading Zone

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  • rubbish

    Hated it sooooo bad

    8 March 2013

  • I’m weird bur I read this be for I borrowedte first from a mate at school this book is funny and sad at the same time

    7 March 2013

  • loved it

    id love to read this because i’ve read the 1st so its almoat compulsory to read the 2nd. my mate has it but im going to try to borrow it to read i cant be bothered to buy it and im skint. i got to borrow it and its sooo sad!

    26 October 2011

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