Unicorn Magic #1: Dawnblaze Saves Summer

Unicorn bliss by the author of Rainbow Magic. A new series where all your dreams come true. Aisha and her parents are moving to Enchanted Cottage. If we could move anywhere in the world, that’s where we’d want to go too! It’s a magical place where spellbinding secrets are hidden in every nook and cranny. And in no time at all, Aisha and her friend Emily are whisked to a faraway magical kingdom! Here, they meet the unicorns of Enchanted Valley, including a Fire Unicorn named Dawnblaze. But the unicorns are in big trouble, and only the girls can help…

  • The gloriously magical new series by Daisy Meadows
  • Daisy is the most-borrowed children’s author in the UK
  • She writes Rainbow Magic and Magical Animal Friends
  • Charming, accessible fiction with delightful pictures
  • Set in a secret world of magic, unicorns and friendship
  • An irresistible way to get children excited about books

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