Upside Down Magic #3: Showing Off

Ever shot your mouth off bragging? Then you’ll know that boasting can be scarily easy. Unfortunately, doing magic can be quite hard. That’s especially true for Nory and her friends in the Upside-Down Magic class, whose topsy-turvy spells often come out kind of wonky! But now the school talent show is coming up. It’s the perfect chance for Nory and her buddies to showcase their special brand of magic. Except… Nory’s afraid her fluxing magic will let her down. Pepper’s scared her Fierce abilities will make all the animals in the show run wild. Bax has some extreme new skills with major embarrassment potential. And Elliott is worried about a Sparkie spy…

  • Third in this endearing and heartfelt fantasy series
  • A topsy-turvy tale of friendship, magic and animals
  • Written by three New York Times bestselling writers
  • Perfect for fans of Holly Webb or Ever After High

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