Vlog It!

The It girls and boys of vlogging – plus amazing tips! Star profiles, Top 10s and video links at your fingertips. One book. All the vlogging sensations of the moment. Zoella. Alfie Deyes. Tyler Oakley. Bethany Mota. Carrie Hope Fletcher. Plus: best musicians. Best gamers. Best hauls. Best cat videos. (Yes, really!) Along with profiles, stats, backstories, colour photos and insider secrets. The future of film isn’t Hollywood. It’s people like you making amazing videos for people like you. See how the stars do it. Then do it yourself.

  • Backstories, news and facts about today’s top vloggers
  • Fun themed pages, colour photos and a bright graphic design
  • Weblinks to popular vlogs and tips on finding more online
  • Practical advice on making it in the world of vlogging

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