Waterfire Saga: Deep Blue

Menace. Mermaids. Mystical beauty. Gorgeous like Twilight set under the sea. Perhaps you’ve read A Gathering Light: Jennifer’s 2003 Carnegie Medal winner. If so, you’ll have an inkling of how much power her pen packs. Now she’s back (hurray!) with a hypnotic saga of mermaids, betrayal, love and loads of other thrilling hooks. It starts with a mermaid princess, Serafina, on the morning of her betrothal. Happy ever after? Where’s the story in that? When assassins storm the betrothal ceremony and kill her parents, Serafina faces a city in chaos, an ancient darkness and a terrible war…

  • A magical mermaid adventure by master writer Jennifer Donnelly
  • A beautiful, sensual underwater quest, ideal for fans of Ingo
  • Jennifer’s books include A Gathering Light and Revolution
  • She won the 2003 Carnegie Medal for A Gathering Light

“Filled with the wonders of mermaids, witches and watery monsters. Donnelly has masterfully created an aquatic wonderland.” School Librarian

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  • loved it

    This book is certainly one of my absolute favourites as I love magic and mystery. I agree, this book is Percy Jackson for kids! The idea of mermaids and gods adds to the suspense and epicness of it all. It is purely amazing!

    2 August 2015

  • loved it

    Are you looking for a dramatic, heart stealing book if so then you better get grabbing this book from the nearest shop because its about to get crazy up in here? Reading this book was amazing, because the description off the pain the youngest mermaid felt when she yelled I think I could feel the pain myself. The heart wrenching sister bond that they showed was just amazing I think I nearly cried, because of how beautifully they love each other and won’t to be able to call them selves sisters. I think this book should be read by people that like a good adventure but I think that if there are people that liked fantasy stories or si-fi stories would like this book two

    22 March 2015

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