WeirDo Bind-Up (Books 1 and 2)

Meet Weir Do. Nope, that’s not a typing error. It’s his name! And if you think that’s funny, wait till you read the rest of his story! Having an unforgettable name is only the start of Weir Do’s trials as the new kid at elementary school. With his crazy family and rather strange habits, fitting in won’t be easy. But it’ll definitely be funny! As all kinds of things go wrong, will our happy-go-lucky hero manage to keep a smile on his face?

  • Double the laughs with two hilarious books in one
  • A hit new series by the much-loved author of Ninja Kid
  • Appealing middle-grade fiction with witty illustrations
  • Explores themes of fitting in and coping with difference
  • Perfect for fans of Captain Underpants and Tom Gates

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