Wendy Quill is a Crocodile's Bottom

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Wendy Quill, a gutsy girl with big dreams and an even bigger personality. Her plans don’t always work out the way she wants, but she’s always got a new idea up her sleeve! When she doesn’t get the starring role in her school play, Wendy stuns the audience and steals the show dressed as a crocodile’s bottom! And when she decides to improve a school project with the help of the class rat, she manages to make herself famous… even if not in the way she planned! In a book stuffed with bold and hilarious illustrations, Wendy Quill introduces you to a world of gigglesome fun in her very own uniquely wild and wacky way!

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  • My favourite part was when Wendy was a crocodile’s bottom in the school play. The school play was about Peter Pan and Wendy and she played the legs of the crocodile at it’s bottom. I couldn’t read the title without giggling. I liked the story because it was very funny. I thought that the boy’s were very funny in tights and I thought giggle wheezing was so funny. I think this book is suitable for ages of 7-10. I found the book easy to read and once started just had to get to the end. I think this book is suitable for boy’s and girls.

    Stephanie, aged 7

    16 April 2013

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