World War I Fiction Pack x 5

You’ll never really be there. You’ll never truly see it. For that, you should thank your lucky stars. The Great War ended a hundred years ago, and no one who fought still lives to tell the tale. But, lest we forget, some classic authors are stepping up to tell the story for us. Soldiers shot at dawn. Heroic animals under fire. Young men called away to fight – many of whom never came home. Written by modern masters such as Michael Morpurgo and the magnificent K.M. Peyton, these books bring it to life – well, just enough life. Read them, imagine it all, and be glad it’s all over when you close the books.

  • An exciting variety pack of First World War fiction
  • Top authors including Michael Morpurgo and K.M. Peyton
  • Explores the war and its legacy from a range of angles
  • The perfect companion to First World War topic work

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