Worldquake: Dragon's Green

Thrills and spills at a unique magical school. Think Septimus Heap crossed with Harry Potter! Since the Worldquake, magic is seeping into our world. Naturally, this means that some kids have strange powers. Those kids are sent to places like the Tusitala School for the Gifted, Troubled and Strange. Now it’s Effie Truelove’s first day at this odd school. It has twisted grey spires and an English teacher so scary she gives the class nightmares. It’s not exactly a comforting place. But Effie can cope, just so long as she keeps her big promise to keep her grandfather’s magical books safe…

  • A dazzling new fantasy series by a major talent
  • Perfect for fans of Alfie Bloom and Harry Potter
  • By the bestselling author of The End of Mr Y
  • “I was absolutely bedazzled” – Hilary McKay

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