Wreck-It Ralph: Sticker Scenes

Smashin’ sticker thrills with the arcade-game bad guy who dreams of turning good! No one in the arcade wants to hang with Wreck-It Ralph, the video-game villain. They’re all out for the good guy, Fix-It Felix, and Ralph secretly longs to be loved in the same way. But when his devious plan to make himself look like a hero unleashes a deadly enemy upon the other gaming characters, can rampaging Ralph find the true hero within – before it’s game over for them all? Illustrate Ralph’s journey from bad to good with heaps of stonking stickers, as he fights to win the wreckognition he yearns for!

Includes over 70 stickers.

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  • loved it


    22 April 2013

  • sooooooo nice first page.

    23 March 2013

  • rubbish

    it is really good if you saw the movie

    26 February 2013

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