Yo-Kai Watch: Official Guide

Your all-in-one guide to the ghosts with the most! How many tribes of Yo-Kai are there? How did Nate first meet Whisper? What are the Yo-Kai’s favourite naughty pranks? Find out! Meet the Yo-Kai in cool colour profiles. (Who to befriend? Who to avoid?) Learn the rules of the Yo-Kai world. Discover the greatest battle match-ups. Plus: check out Nate’s top 10 priorities, before and after he was given the Yo-Kai Watch. If you don’t ace the game now, blame those pesky Yo-Kai!

  • The ultimate official guide to the smash-hit game
  • Profiles, facts, stats, insider info and colour artwork
  • Meet the characters and read up on Nate’s backstory
  • Find out how to boost your game with fun play tips

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