You Can't Stop the Big Bad Bogey!

Ugh! Hankies at the ready! This icky green monster is on the rampage again! The Big Bad Bogey is slimy. He’s nasty. He’s rude. Worst of all, he spoils people’s fairytale stories. Poor Cinderella won’t go to the ball, and Sleeping Beauty won’t ever wake up, if this ghastly green villain is around. But hang on! Someone is standing up to this snotty mischief-maker. The last hero you’d ever expect: a not-so-yucky snot! That’s right: the Good Little Bogey wants to prove that not ALL bogeys are awful. Might this story have a happy ending after all?

  • The cheeky sequel to Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bogey?
  • A riotous read-aloud story about manners and behaviour
  • By the bestselling author of Dinosaurs in the Supermarket
  • Full of yucky humour, zingy artwork and fairytale friends

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