You Read To Me, I’ll Read To You Pack

Charming rhymes and stories written in two voices, made for parents and tots to share. Lots of rhyme, rhythm and repetition encourage starter readers to join in the fun! Paired storytelling is one of the best ways to start reading, providing instant support for beginners while making the whole process fun. These delightful books have been created to make shared reading even more rewarding for children, parents, carers and teachers alike! Each very short story is like a play for two voices, using repetitive rhyming phrases and a chiming refrain. With beautifully illustrated tales about charming subjects – cats and puppies, bears and mice, telephones, snowmen, birthdays and more – reading together becomes simply irresistible!

“A delightful choreography of rhythm, rhyme, and repetition that begs to be read aloud.” School Library Journal starred review

“An exuberant read-aloud collection… beckoning readers to join in and relish the fun.” Kirkus

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