Young Knights: Merlin

Arthurian thrills in a digital world stormed by angry faeries. Artemis Fowl, eat your heart out. A knightly adventures with all the essentials: cool armour, deadly battles and a great modern twist. No King Arthur story is complete without Merlin. The magician who holds the Round Table together. The only wizard powerful enough to help the Young Knights defeat King Oberon’s evil faerie armies. But Merlin has gone incognito as the mysterious head of Pip Enterprises: the greatest innovator of the digital age. The Young Knights must track Merlin down in San Francisco and win him over to their cause. Otherwise the human world will be destroyed by hobgoblins, ogres and dragons. The battle for Earth starts here…

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  • Awards

    Juila Golding won the Nestle Smarties Prize and the Ottakar’s Children’s Book Prize for The Diamond of Drury Lane in 2005.

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