All reviews for The Gruffalo

  1. amazing

    3 November 2011

  2. loved it

    I think that this is the best child’s book that you will ever read as it tells a tale about a small mouse that fools a Gruffalo that he is the most feared creature in the whole of the wood. This rhyming story will make you laugh and think whilst yoyu make friends and get to know the Gruffalo. I can still remember this tale and will until I am grown up.

    Grace,aged 10.

    3 November 2011

  3. okay

    it was ok but i think it is aimed for children 1 to 9 but that dosent stop you reading it if you are older because it is good i recomend all of her other books aspesualy room on the broom it is good i will give it a 8/10 if i was yonger i would give it more also read monkey puzzle

    28 August 2011

  4. Good book for little kids but not that good for us big kids. I think everything in the story is perfect so I give it 5/5 if I was a little kid but because I am a big kid I give it 3/5

    17 July 2011

  5. I really like it because it has a good intro.

    17 July 2011

  6. liked it

    This is an excellent book for little and big children!

    16 May 2011

  7. aww i remember that book from when i was 5

    13 May 2011

  8. the Gruffalo tries to eat people and he tells people that he is off to see his friends but he has not got any friends . but why does he tell people that he is meeting his friends ?

    13 March 2011

  9. i think it’s a funy story so i love it

    8 March 2011

  10. loved it


    7 March 2011