All reviews for The Gruffalo

  1. I loved this book when i was little and still love it now.

    27 February 2011

  2. loved it

    This is a really old book but i love it it never makes me board i red this book in scholl and i dont have it at home really good book Thank You

    23 February 2011

  3. loved it

    This book is a hit i love it everyone does!:)

    13 February 2011

  4. loved it

    This book I still love at the age of 10 it is brill I have on my own book shelf not my little sisters!

    10 February 2011

  5. loved it

    This is a great family book for children aged 2 – 6.

    The story is about a little brown mouse who goes wondering in the wood. He gets stopped by a fox, owl and a snake and they are all offering to have him for lunch. But the mouse is extremely clever and he makes up a ferocious creature called ‘The Gruffalo’ ....

    My little sister, Poppy who is 3 absolutely loves it and she has it read to her every night. Julia Doanldson has other books, e.g: A Squash and Squeeze.

    28 January 2011

  6. loved it

    i love this book

    11 January 2011

  7. loved it

    Great story i have read it so much that i now know it off by heart LOL!!!!!!!XX

    11 January 2011

  8. loved it

    Great book!

    5 January 2011

  9. loved it

    it is amazing me uncle helped make this book and i love the authors they are so cool so remember love it love them amazing book

    7 December 2010

  10. i loved it great

    21 November 2010