Diary of a Wimpy Kid #2: Rodrick Rules

Greg’s the king of wimps – but Rodrick is king of evil big brothers. Who will win this sibling battle? Place your bets now! Your favourite wimp is facing an old and familiar enemy. (At least, to those of you who have brothers and sisters). His big brother, Rodrick, knows all his most shaming secrets. And he wants to spill them! Aaaarrgh! Will Greg make it through the school year with his reputation intact? And will YOU make it through this diary without dying of laughter? Bet you can’t!

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  • Probably one of my favourite books from the series

    18 September 2020

  • loved it

    i think it is great and fun!

    12 June 2019

  • loved it

    It’s so good

    4 June 2019

  • loved it

    I love the book

    6 August 2018

  • Amazing!!! just read it!

    27 October 2016

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  • Photo of Jeff Kinney

    Jeff Kinney

    Jeff Kinney is author of the hugely popular Wimpy Kid books.


    Diary of a Wimpy Kid was named Best Book of the Last Ten Years at the 2012 Blue Peter Book Awards.

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