All reviews for Street Child

  1. liked it

    The depression and heroism is written beautifully! Would strongly recommend it for readers 9-11 years old.

    18 July 2020

  2. loved it

    I read it in class and it is a heart breaking book

    10 December 2017

  3. not for me

    I have read this book and it can get quite strange so not the book for me

    25 December 2016

  4. This book is very touching I will not explain a lot of this book if I do there is no point of reading it so all I am going to say is this is based in the Victorian times.

    13 April 2016

  5. we read this before and I Nearly started to cry because this is so sad but really good!

    7 April 2016

  6. loved it

    It is very enthusiastic and it is very heart breaking the boy doesn’t get anything to eat only a piece of stale bread each day well I actually mean evening. His mother is very mean to him. He is very sad it is very good you should read it! I rate it as a five loved it really nice I rate this to you all. Please do reply If you love books like street child. It is very funny as well so yes read it.

    27 March 2016

  7. loved it

    I t was very good and I liked how it was half related to real events. I definetly think you should read this book!😄

    10 March 2016

  8. liked it

    I read this book with my class when we were learning about the workhouse. We had found the book really interesting.

    19 February 2016

  9. loved it

    This was a really good book.

    17 February 2016

  10. loved it

    It is very nice story. We all had started reading Street child. I loved it and it is very true story about Jim Jarvis.

    12 February 2016