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Two wonderfully funny, touching novels from an award-winning writer who’s become this year’s top name to watch! Can Anna find out who has killed her pet hamster? And are Joe and his pet rabbit both doomed to die unless they can be reunited? Things in Anna’s life are going completely crazy, and when her hamster is mysteriously slaughtered, it’s the last straw. Who is the culprit? The search will take Anna into all kinds of comical and unexpected terrain, teaching her many lessons about life and family… And when Joe and his pet rabbit are separated, both of them fall ill. Anna, Tom and Suzanne are convinced the pair will die if they are not reunited. But can they pull off the Great Rabbit Rescue in time? From a Waterstone’s Award winner who has become this year’s most talked-about new talent, these quirky and original novels are truly refreshing.

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  • Both brilliant books on how to look after animals and help them.

    4 March 2013

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    Katie Davies

    Katie Davies is the award-winning author of fresh, funny animal stories like The Great Hamster Massacre.


    Katie Davies won the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize with her debut novel The Great Hamster Massacre.

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