All reviews for Agatha Parrot and the Floating Head

  1. loved it

    ANYONE WHO SAYS THIS BOOK IS OK, IS WRONG! This book is FANTASTIC! OMG, it is so funny! Agatha cracks me up and I just laugh and laugh as I read and read! I read this the first time in my bed as soon as I got back from the library. I read the blurb and couldn’t wait to get reading. I actually hate reading but this book is practically the only book I read alone—and Mariella Mystery! ITS AWESOME! Guys if you haven’t read it, YOU MUST READ IT!

    5 October 2015

  2. okay

    This book was okay

    24 August 2014

  3. okay

    i didnt like it

    6 March 2013

  4. liked it

    its a funny and lovely book if you have not read it READ IT

    30 September 2012


    11 December 2011

  6. liked it

    Agatha Parrot’s class is always arriving on time and no one has had a day off of school. The teacher said if they all keep coming in one of the days she’ll take them to the Egyptian museum. But one day, Agatha’s best friend Martha has a day off of school. They find out as they went to go pick her up before school since they all walk to school together. When they find out Martha isn’t going to school, they ask Martha’s mom for the coat Martha always wears and they get spare trousers and make a fake Martha with a balloon head!

    Things were ok until they suddenly they realise ‘Martha’ should not have her coat on in class, so all the friends pretend to be cold and get their own coats on. Luckily the teacher believes them. At lunch time, real Martha shows up! Agatha decides the real Martha has to hide in the bathroom cubicle. Meanwhile, the teacher decides the class is going to have a sword fight (fake swords) to see what it was like in Egyptian time. The head teacher decides it will be cardboard swords instead. At that point, the fake Martha flops on the desk. Agatha explains that Martha is just getting in the right frame of mind but unfortunately, the balloon flies out and up to the light and burst because the light is too warm!

    The Headmaster screams and faints, the deputy head comes in. Agatha quickly goes to the toilet to get the real Martha. The headmaster just keeps saying ‘The balloon head exploded!’ Eventually they all do go to the museum.

    This book is for mainly girls, 6-8 year olds. The illustrations really do actually go with the words and helps guide your reading. They are also really funny!

    Charlotte, age 8

    5 September 2011