RSPCA #3: Lamb All Alone

A heartwarming tale of a baby animal in need of love. Show your love by buying it and saving real animals!

A flood warning has struck Ben’s rural village. This could be a real emergency! His family are racing against time to secure their home against the rising water. But what about the sheep in the field at the end of his garden? The farmer is stranded on his farm, unable to rescue them. With help from the RSPCA, Ben’s family herd the animals to safety – right through Ben’s garden! But one little lamb is trapped by the flood. How will it cross the deep water?

Based on a real animal rescue, this gripping adventure helps to raise funds for the RSPCA’s life-saving work.

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Recent reviews

  • I was very excited to read this book and I knew that it will be a book that I won’t forget. We have lots of lambs in the fields around us. My favourite part was when Dan and Kate went into the water to save the little lamb. My favourite character is Lucky and Baaaaarbara. I like all of the story because the end was a happy ending for this wonderful book. I liked the picture of the little lamb jumping up and down. I was very happy when I read the part when the little lamb went back with his friends. I was getting worried when the water was rising and the little lamb was all alone.

    Stephanie, aged 7

    I enjoyed this book because it was a good adventure rescue story and I like stories with animals.

    Camille, aged 8

    18 February 2013

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  • Photo of Katie Davies

    Katie Davies

    Katie Davies is the award-winning author of fresh, funny animal stories like The Great Hamster Massacre.


    Katie Davies won the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize with her debut novel The Great Hamster Massacre.

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