The Girls' Book of Friendship

What are girls really good at? Being friends! But do you know how to be the best mate ever? Find out in this fantastic guide to getting along and having the best fun! It’s simply bursting with cool crafts, games, activities, ideas and tips. Learn how to make friendship cookies, cards and lockets. Start a girl band, or hold the ultimate pyjama party. Find out how to build up trust between mates, make up after squabbles, and tell real friends from fakers. From makes and bakes to friendship survival tactics, get the biz on how to make friends and never ever break friends. Every girl deserves fantastic friendships!

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  • how do u read it??!

    5 August 2013

  • i want to look inside

    9 June 2013

  • liked it

    How do u read it

    20 July 2012

  • LOVED IT SO MUCH GONNA READ IT 123456890 times

    10 March 2012

  • loved it

    this book has lots of quizzes poems activaties and other things to do with your best friend

    3 March 2012

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