The Worst Witch (Colour Edition)

Hang onto your broomstick – this classic favourite is now in colour! Chuckle at the Worst Witch’s disastrous life in this funny story set at a very magical school. Welcome to Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches. (Think Hogwarts minus the wizards, but with way more rules.) Hapless Mildred Hubble is the worst student ever to darken the doors of this very strict school. Every spell she tries goes horribly wrong. And things get even worse when she makes a deadly enemy of teacher’s pet Ethel. Luckily, though Mildred might be the worst witch there, she’s also the best friend ever!

  • A full-colour gift edition of this classic favourite
  • With a special letter from Jill Murphy to her readers
  • First in a best-loved series about a young misfit witch
  • Laughs, spells, school, disasters – a bewitching brew

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  • Photo of Jill Murphy

    Jill Murphy

    Jill Murphy is the author of the Worst Witch and Large Family books.


    Jill Murphy won the Nestle Smarties Prize and the Sheffield Children’s Book Prize for The Last Noo Noo.

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